1. Educating students value of Food
    • Students should be taught the value of food. There should be sessions /seminars on importance of Food.
    • Posters should be displayed at various places in campus to make students aware about importance of Food.
    • Teaching students the concept of 3Rs educe,Reuse & Recycle
  2. Installation of separate bins
    • Separate color coded bins should be installed for segregating recyclable and non- recyclable food.
    • Students should be encouraged for using separate bins and thus segregating food waste.
  3. Set Up Share Table
    • Set up a share table, a place where students can return whole items that they choose not to eat so that they are available for others who may want additional helpings. Food from a share table can be donated to:
    • Food donating refrigerator
    • Compost leftovers to fertilize school's garden
  4. Food Donating Refrigerator
    • Students can be motivated to bring little extra food, which will be collected and stored in refrigerator. Later collected food can be donated to local food donating agencies.
  5. Start a Club
    • Start a club focused on reducing food waste.
    • Work with students to conduct food waste tally or to serve as monitors during lunch to make sure waste is reduced and being put in the correct bin.
  6. Awareness Campaign
    • Schools should run awareness campaigns for their students, making them aware of implications from wasting food.
    • Competitive events on Food safety and security such as debate, essay writing, games, painting competition etc. should be organized.
    • Regular Food collection drives should be organized in school to collect surplus food from students which can be used for donating to the needy people
  7. Partnership with Local Food Donor NGOs
    • Partner with local non-profits organizations that can use the food for a food pantry or meals for their community. Further, Food collection drives can be run in the community by collecting and storing food and later distributing it to the needy people.