1. Share surplus Food
    • In order to avoid surplus Food loss, share it with colleagues and if left further distribute it to the needy people.
  2. Install Community refrigerator
    • Keep surplus or leftover food at or below 4oC in the refrigerator common to all, so that it can be consumed later.
  3. Installation of oven
    • For maintaining temperature of cooked food, use microwave oven to reheat it until it attains internal temperature of 70oC.
  4. Raising awareness
    • Make employees aware about preventing food loss.
    • Posters can be pasted at various locations in workplace to aware and educate employees about food loss.
  5. Volunteering
    • Interested people can volunteer for the cause of reducing surplus food loss. People can volunteer alternatively on different days based on their interest.
  6. Use Separate bins
    • Separate bins should be provided in canteens for the various items that are to be recycled such as aluminum cans, paper, plastic packaging and glass. These should be labeled clearly to easily identify the waste type.
  7. Tips to reduce Food loss
    • If large amounts of food are left as wastage, consider reducing the size of portions served.
    • If eating out,split a dish with colleague so you don’t waste half of the giant portion size.
    • When eating in a cafeteria, skip the tray.
  8. Doing so is associated with a reduction in food waste, possibly because it’s harder for people to carry more food than they can actually eat.


  9. Donate Food
    • Donate what you won’t use - Donate itto a food kitchen /Food bank before it expires so it can be consumed by someone who needs it.
    • Donate the gross stuff, too - Club together in a colony to jointly collect the gross stuff and donate it to environment friendly waste disposal techniques.